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Cathy has helped us out a lot with our new rescue puppy, Marcy, who had some issues with basic manners. We have seen improvements in our pup’s behaviour after each session. Cathy is very knowledgeable, answers all of our questions and gives us lots of helpful tips and “homework” that we can do in between sessions to practice. I have seen big improvements so far in Marcy’s leash-walking and her ability to stay, even in her “place.” Thank you Cathy!

Samantha W ~ December 2019

I adopted a 3 year old rescue dog who was totally untrained with everything, including housetraining. She is very strong and pulled so much on the leash that I couldn’t walk her properly and I was worried that if I couldn’t get the dog walked I wouldn’t be able to keep her. After only 5 sessions with Cathy, she walks great on leash, is now on the way to being totally housetrained and knows enough commands to be very obedient. She doesn’t jump up on counters or try to get food off the table while we are eating. I would never have thought this was possible in such a short period of time, but Cathy is a miracle worker. I am on my way to having a great little companion dog and I have Cathy to thank for that.

Franny K  ~ December 2019

I would highly recommend this service. I would dread walking our dog Jax as he would pull and drag me on a walk. He would have bad moments and also bite. After only a few training sessions with Cathy this dog is an absolute dream. He no longer jumps or bites and is a pleasure to take on a long walk. Thank You, thank you, thank you! ❤️

Cathy L ~ November 2019

Cathy really cares about her clients present and past. Tonight she was in our neighbourhood training with another family and stopped in to visit our Charlie girl💕 Charlie defiantly remembered Cathy, thanks for the snuggles from Charlie.

Amanda C  ~ November 2019

Cathy is amazing at what she does. She really has a lot of love for animals and a passions for training and helping others. I knew nothing about dogs when I got my first one. She has helped queenie (my dog) and I so much. Most of all she has given me the confidence to teach my fur baby. Cathy has never given up on me or my fur baby and she has always made the time and effort. She has given me hope and faith when I wasnt sure if I was able to do something. She's always so encouraging and providing me with other resources if needed. If anyone reading this is thinking of hiring Cathy stop thinking and give her a call because she is sooo worth it.

Nabeela S ~ November 2019

We adopted a two year old chihuahua from Texas. His name is Melvin and he is 2 years old. Melvin began to guard excessively and I reached out to Cathy from FMD for help. Cathy helped my family and I work on leash walking, stay, wait , and teaching Melvin to not rush the front door when someone comes. Cathy was gentle and caring with Melvin, I appreciated her positive reinforcement method of teaching Melvin. She was very calm. He has made a lot of progress and as have we, in consistency and practicing what we learned. Cathy’s training fees are reasonable and she is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Cathy to train your dog.

Sherlene F  ~ November 2019

My little schnoodle brothers were quite a handful with so much excitement. Cathy taught me what to do to get the extreme barking under control and learning to walk nicely in just a few short weeks!!!

Joanne C ~ October 2019

Cathy is seriously a life saver, my family and I call her the dog whisperer 😂 she has such a special way with dogs and my EXTREMELY stubborn golden doodle was listening to her within the first minute of meeting her. Our training has come to an end and I am so unbelievably shocked to see how far my puppy has come. If you’re reading this, just book an appointment already! You will not regret it.

Renée R ~ October 2019

Cathy helped me train Miller to walk nicely beside me. Prior to my lessons with Cathy I could not walk Miller as I was afraid of being pulled down or of having my arm broken. This left all the walking to my husband. Now, for the last two weeks I have walked Miller everyday. I can’t thank Cathy enough for what she did for us!

Rui F ~ October 2019

Cathy was a delight to work with. She helped us with our boy’s walking issues. Cathy took the time to try different methods and tools until we found one that worked for us and our boy. We couldn’t be happier with the service and results we received by working with Cathy. If you have any issues with your fur-baby we’d highly recommend her

Heather M ~ October 2019

Cathy Cope from FMD is a wonderful trainer of humans and dogs :) I have learned through her calm clear assertive instruction how to be a pack leader with my dogs. I had no clue what commands to give or what to expect from my dogs. These love-able puppies were ruining my house and my life, lol. Cathy taught me what to expect from them and how to teach them what I expected. Now my life is manageable again and my puppies are flourishing. My puppies are rescues with their own unique personalities and needs. Cathy has been able to almost empathically understand and connect with them. They absolutely love her. I highly recommend Cathy for your puppy training needs.

Lois M ~ August 2019

Cathy did a wonderful job with our two large dogs. She understood our issues and has laid out a great plan for us. Looking forward to the day both dogs PLACE at the front door!! Thank you

Lisa L ~ August 2019

I travel from Ottawa to have training sessions with Cathy for my very nervous beagle mix and more recently with my 5 month old puppy. Cathy is amazing at what she does and really took the time to understand my needs and my dogs needs. I think the distance I travel to have sessions with Cathy says more than enough about what she offers with her training! Would highly recommend and can’t wait to be back for another session

Megan M ~ August 2019

Cathy Cope has been very helpful with our dog Bailey who had been attacked twice by other dogs in a very short period of time. Cathy made suggestions for different collars and strategies for being arund other dogs while out for walks. My daughter has also brought her dog from Ottawa for some one on one classes when she come home for a visit. l would and have highly recommended Cathy to other people.

Doug M ~ August 2019

Cathy is helping us to train our lab puppy, as well as us, the owners! She is so patient and caring. You can tell that she loves what she does. I would definitely recommend Cathy.

Amy F   ~  August 2019

Wow! the progress we've seen in just 2 lessons with Cathy and our 5 month old potcake, is amazing!! 100% recommendation from me!

Amanda C ~ August 2019

One training session in and amazed how different our first walk after with our sweet boy! Cathy is amazing and can’t wait to learn more! Thanks Cathy!!

Christine G   ~  July 2019

We have an 8 month bernedoodle that likes to jump and counter surf! Cathy came in and within one session we had Georgia sitting in place and learned some valuable tools to stop her from jumping.
If you are looking for a trainer who knows her stuff then Cathy Cole is the one for you.  Thank you Cathy for coming in our home and giving us the tools we needed for Georgia.

Tanya P ~ July 2019

Cathy is a thoughtful and kind person! Having these traits combined with her being an amazing trainer, she was the perfect match to help us with our newly adopted dog! Since our dog already knew all the basic commands we didn't need puppy classes. Cathy did an excellent job tailoring the training session to us and what we needed to work on! Also very reasonably priced!

Alexandra L   ~  July 2019

Cathy is fantastic! Poppy just loves her and so do I . After each session, I feel more confident about being a responsible dog owner. Thanks Cathy!

Sylvia M ~ July 2019

Just had Cathy come over for a reiki session on my cat to help with her arthritis. My cat doesn’t take to strangers and always runs off and hides but she stayed right beside Cathy the entire time and was so relaxed. I can’t thank Cathy enough and look forward to more reiki sessions for Olivia

Jenn M   ~  June 2019

Cathy was fantastic during our 5 weeks together!!! When I got my 3 month old shepherd I panicked wondering how I was going to control such a big dog but Cathy was patient and was always a text away when I had any silly questions! I totally recommend her services!!!

Michelle A ~ June 2019

Cathy is so patient and gets the best results so quickly!

Highly recommended!!!

Mary P   ~  May 2019

When we first got our pup we did group puppy classes. We learned the basic sit, stay, leave it but we have an older smaller dog and struggled with coordinating walking two dogs and pulling during the walk. We were recommended to FMD Training. FMD provides you with in home training that is catered to the needs of you and your dogs that group classes just can’t provide and at a reasonable rate. Cathy is passionate about her role as a trainer and has helped us with pulling, biting, resisting to go in a vehicle and respecting our older smaller dog. Start enjoying relaxing walks and peace at home when the doorbell rings, message FMD training today.

Cindy O ~ April 2019

I have a very headstrong 3 year old goldendoodle and a sweet "doofus" baby goldendoodle. Jumping on people when they visit and poor leash manners were my two biggest concerns with my oldest. I only wanted basic training for my youngest. Cathy was amazing from the very beginning, asking the right questions and not judging. She came to us, worked with me and helped me become a better handler for my 2 dogs. I could not be happier with the results. She was patient with my pup's more then funky personality and even let my daughter participate. Flexible schedule and continued support. Thank you so much! 

Renee, Sydney and Denver   ~  March 2019

I would like to give a shout out to Cathy Cope with FMD Training. We had our first session Sunday and walks have gone from incredibly stressful to very calm and enjoyable after 1 lesson! We still have alot of work to do with our rescue and looking forward to working with Cathy!

Sonya C ~ February 2019

Look at our boy Clyde!! He used to knock me over getting to his dish! What a difference now! Thank you Cathy Cope! ❤️🐶

(Jody sent this message with a video of Clyde calmly approaching his food dish, he was quite 'excited' to get his food prior to our lessons.)

Susan and Jody M   ~  July 2018

Charlie did amazing at her lesson with Cathy at FMD Training ! If you need a dog trainer, I highly recommend Cathy! She gets incredible results! And your pup will love her!

Jody L    ~ October 2018

Cathy was an AMAZING trainer! Ryker would not be the dog he is today without her! We tried everything! Group classes, other multiple trainers, even videos! When a friend from work recommended FMD training to us. Cathy was patient and kind which I found most other trainers were not. She always answered all of our questions and made us feel like we could do it, when we felt like we couldn’t. So many friends have commented on the positive difference in Ryker and it’s all thanks to FMD Training!

Amanda & James L    ~  October 2018

We were having issues with our Coton du Tulear, and I knew it was me and my husband that needed some education on how to improve

Mindy's manners. Cathy was a huge help to us, and we know that it is consistency on the training, that will help to make our dog welcomed every where we go!

Lynn P    ~ November 2018

Thank you for all your guidance and support. We will be forever grateful!

Stacey M    ~  November 2018

Cathy is excellent with dogs AND people! I strongly recommend you reach out to her!

Sarah M    ~ October 2018

When we brought Stella home at 8 weeks old we had to clue what

to expect. We've never had a puppy before. In seeking help and obedience school, I found Cathy at FMD Training and I couldn't be more thankful! In about 6 weeks we've managed to help develop Stella's puppy brain into becoming a calm(ish) and well mannered puppy. Cathy taught us how to manage and stay in control of Stella in real life situations. While her focus was on Stella, she never

forgot to give Suelee just as much love and attention.

Thank you again, Cathy for your time, patience and knowledge.

Richelle B    ~  September 2018

Cathy is so dedicated to her customers and I would highly recommend her for your fur baby in training.

Lisa R    ~  August 2018

Cathy understood that my needs for training Kyra were a little different than the traditional training. Since we live in an apartment I could not expect Kyra to walk strictly beside me at all times. She was wonderful about building the training around what was important for us!! Being able to do practical exercises around the neighbourhood was such a big help!! I highly recommend Cathy to anyone that needs some training!!


Karen G    ~  August 2018

Today after 4 or 5 lessons Tilly and I had the best walk! She is pulling less. Leaving things when told and sitting at each corner. This is a huge breakthrough.

Thanks Cathy! 

Andrea K    ~  May 2018

Cathy is so amazing with dogs and it is so obvious that she cares deeply about the owner and their furbaby having a loving and enjoyable relationship. I met Cathy a year ago and had the pleasure of being her first client. She is back with us for a little retweeking as I have managed to spoil my Mikey and we are taking him on vacation with us. She will have him obeying all the commands again in no time. Cathy is also the sweetest trainer you could have come to your home so if you need a little or a lot of help, she is the one to call. Thank you Cathy.

Wanda M    ~  August 2018

Cathy certainty made the transition of having a new puppy an easy one with the help of her training! with having little children in our home, it was important to us that we started training right away with our large breed dog. Cathy made the lessons enjoyable, and never left without ensuring we had a good handle on our homework. she listened to our needs and what we were looking to get out of the training, and each class she helped us work towards that goal. THANK YOU so much Cathy for all your help and wisdom!!

Jessica S    ~  September 2018

My poor dog suffers from extreme anxiety and I was feeling really lost at how to successfully train him. He was showing a lot of food aggression and aggression to other dogs while out and about. I made a post looking for someone to help and pretty much everybody recommended Cathy from FMD. Well, I've had two classes with her and I can already notice the difference. Also, my dog (who's scared of everyone) and my moms dog (who is old and grumpy) both love her! I'm so glad I found her.

Laura S    ~  August 2018

We met Cathy when we adopted our golden retriever from K9 Crusaders rescue . She brought her to us and we never looked back. But a rescue dog isn’t easy and Cathy has stepped up to be there for us in training out Sunny girl .She is very easy to work with and knows her stuff. We are grateful for her being there for us and we can call on her at any time for help. Keep up the good work . We totally recommend her to anyone with training needs. 

Lesleigh S    ~  February 2018

I recently used Cathy to help me with a naughty Dachshund who was ruling the house! Cathy was courteous and knowledgeable and very obviously loves what she does! We are still training, but I have seen a real difference in my dog. Can’t say enough wonderful things about FMD training and Cathy!!

Cheryl M.    ~  February 2018

We are seeing huge improvements since starting our training with Cathy just 2 weeks ago! We're thrilled with the progress & can't wait to see the end results once we're done. Thanks, Cathy!

Dawn H    ~   June 2018

I don't have a dog but I'm reading your posts and just felt the need to comment .....the energy on this page is amazing and your personality shines through on every one! It's so obvious that you love what you do! Keep up the great work!! Wow!

Tammy D    ~  August 2018

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