Services & Pricing

Training Techniques


I am a Balanced Trainer, which means that I use a combination of positive reinforcement, rewards and corrections subjective to the dog which means my training is flexible, adaptable and my techniques change based on you and your dog.  I also believe in the proper and humane use of all training tools.  My methodology is very much based in rules & structure, conditioned emotional response, confidence building, and THEN Obedience.  I make myself available outside of session times by text and email, and I encourage all clients to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or success stories! 


Gentle Leash Walking

Obedience + Basic Training:


Food Aggression


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Pet Wellness

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Pet Wellness includes Reiki (Usui and/or Kundalini),

Laser Light Therapy and Canine Massage.  

This can benefit your pet after surgery, an illness or even just to help with calming and relaxation.  

Once your needs are determined I will combine the services where appropriate and help your pet feel their very best!  

Sessions will be random time frames as it will be based on animals willingness to accept me - up to one hour.

Rate is $50

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